So I’m thinking…

about starting this blog back up… do you miss it? let me know ūüôā


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omg shoes.

So my wonderful roomie Beth got me a gift certificate for a free pair of Toms for Christmas. Well, it’s March and I still can’t decide which ones I want!¬†

It’s between.¬†

















Which ones do you like?

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4001 Clement Rd. Home.

So there are still a few things I want to do decorating wise but I have been wanting to post pics of mine and Lauren and Beth’s house for a while now, so this post is a few months late. We love our lil house and we love having people over!¬†

Our living room and Office area includes: my favorite yellow pillow, Beth’s wonderful antique finds, metal bird wall hanging I got for a deal, and our lovely couch that I sleep on a lot.¬†


Office area with the wicker chair I had through college and painted black when we moved here. A collage of collages that I looove and worked hard on. 


I love my room. I especially love the wood beams with recess lighting in the ceiling and my big comfy bed that I don’t sleep in much. My purple desk that Jamie Moore gave me in college that serves as a vanity with the mirror and owls I hung above it. I love my comforter that I got from for $20!¬†


I mainly took this pic because I love my new owl rug from Urban Outfitters, that I got for really cheap at rugged warehouse. I love bargains if you can’t tell.¬†


Our dining area and breakfast nook. Beth got the antique cabinet in the corner on one of her antique adventures and we love it. I just recently decorated our table for spring but our kitchen and dining area is overall pretty springy. 


My pride and joy, my plate wall. I’ve blogged it before but now it’s complete, and goes awesome with the new table stuff.¬†


A blurry pic of our kitchen but I love the woodwork. 


Our tiny tiny bathroom that we all three share. So tiny that I couldn’t even stand in there to take the pic. I do love our shower curtain though.¬†


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harden st.


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It’s official…. my camera loves Grant.



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A Whale of a Tale.

Right now at Midtown we are going through be book of Jonah in a series titled. “A Whale of a Tale, The¬†Unbelievably¬†True Story of Jonah.” Each week¬†Dustin Willis, goes through a different chapter of the book. The creative team and myself have been working on the branding of this series for a long time now. Every tuesday for the last 5 weeks we have been working on a stop motion video for the intro. It couldn’t have turned out better. I don’t have the link to the actual intro video yet but I do have this trailer for the series. I will post the intro when it becomes available.¬†

Here is the bulletin for the series. 


And I thought this would be a good series to bring back the sermon notes. I have missed my doodles. 

jonahnotescheck out Midtown’s website on Tuesday to listen to the sermon from Sunday night, it’s a great one dealing with sin.

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tipping over.

So my dear friends Courtney and Allen are pregnant with 6 BABIES! (no there is no typo, that’s right, 6!) I couldn’t think of two better people to have 6 babies. They are very excited and overwhelmed about God blessing them with 6 babies and it has been a very eventful journey so far. Courtney is 20 weeks today and has been put in the hospital this past weekend with some complications resulting in hospital bed rest for the rest of her term. The plan is to keep those babies in there 6 more weeks! The Tippings would be very grateful for your prayers and support. You can follow their wonderful journey here, and find out more ways you can help. We were able to take some maternity pics of the lovely couple the day before she was hospitalized, just in time!




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